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Large wheels for Richard Kell honing guides ...

richard kell honing guides ... large wheels. Copyright richard kell 2013

I now have available larger wheels for my Richard Kell no.1 and no.2 honing guides.

A customer in Ohio prompted me to give some more thought to being able to make these larger wheels.

In short, problem solved and it lifts my no.1 and no.2 to a very good product indeed. David Charlesworth a few years ago badgered me to do the same, others also, its only now I can 'see' the solution and actually see how to make them on my machines.

  • setting the projection of the chisel is much less critical.

  • copes perfectly with larger western style chisels and irons; no.2 above with 2-1/8" Norris plane iron.

  • retaining the excellent polycarbonate side grip and always exact squareness.

  • tip-top !! ... handles beautifully, its a winner.....quick and easy to use... cap zero to 2-3/4 ie 70mm.

As I wrote to my Ohio customer  ....

copy and paste....

                     Since we last communicated I have done some good work on this project, my plastics people have
                                   recommended UHMWPE ... a big mouthful for 'ultra high molecular weight polyethylene' .....
                                   I have been saying it to myself for a week and it sort of 'comes natural' now..... (after a week).

                     In short the 'nylon 66' with inserts have been binned and I have used up a two meter length of
                                   the new stuff to get an idea of machineability, tolerances possible, machine times, etc.

                                    Heres a link for background ....

end of paste.

I think we are onto a winner, the material itself as explained on wiki is very impressive and I feel we are on the right track here. Its oil and water absorption is very low indeed, something that can be a problem with all plastics material; hence its use in the food processing industry. A company many years ago used a 'plastic' as bearings in a fishing reel and came unstuck (or actually did stick 'em ..  jam tight) when absorption became apparent. Theres more to 'engineering plasctics materials' than first apparrent.

The UHMWPE I have been recommended is used a lot in food processing machinery, it seems to 'shed' dirt dust and debris. Its the choice for kitchen cutting boards ie non-absorbent and is used in artificial joints and even bullet proof vests  .... the list of applications is huge.

So far so good, the rollers are 40mm O/D ie 1.575 inches by regular Richard Kell width and bore, all machined to tolerance; fully interchangable on my no.1 and no.2 guides.

I have now had my web-man add them to my website as of August 2013......

£10.00 per pair GBP, plus the std £3.60 postal charge, plus vat within the UK. I'm building up stock as I know they will sell.

ie total payment within EU is inc vat and post = £16.32
ditto non EU ie USA etc = £13.60 to pay.

I'm assuming I will continue to supply my no.1 in my already existing smaller Ertalyte TX roller as its very popular with woodwind players that need to maintain their reed making apparatus and change the no.2 over to large wheel as standard. Either can be retro-fitted with the other size roller, its all made to interchangable limits.

I have 'whizzed' the rollers round at high speed and high pressure (say 1,500 rpm) for a few thousand revs and they seem fine in the new material, excellent low friction properties as wiki tells us.

Note also the rollers have intentional clearance on diameter and width, this allows gunge and dirt from honing to be flushed out after use. I will also include a pair of circlips to retro-fit but its essential eye protection is worn and that no-one is standing in 'line of fire' when these circlips can 'ping' off into the must wear eye protection for this and clear others out of the way. E&OE.

Hint, get a car or motorbike mechanic to do this, he will have the requisite circlip pliers and know exactly what he is doing.

Table of chisel projection from edge of stainless location rod, rounded to convenient numbers ....

   45 = 3/4" = 19mm
   40 = 13/16" = 21mm
   35 = 15/16" = 24mm
   30 = 1-1/16" = 27mm
   25 = 1-5/16" = 33mm
   20 = 1-3/4" = 44.5mm
17.5 = 1-7/8" = 47.5mm

*** to be honest do what i do and use 1-1/4 for everything. see the youtube I made linked at the bottom of page and how two bits of 3mm plastic raise the jig for the final hone, two strokes and razor sharp !!

My Richard Kell bevel gauge is a handy tool to ascertain bevel angles.

Heres a film I made to show that the jig need only be clamped up at the one 1-1/4 setting to get both roughing and finish hone and how very quick it is to re-touch a dulled edge  ....

My early films on my youtube channel aren't very good at all, out of focus etc but you can see and hear my heart is in the right place so to speak, the content is good. As in all things in life we get better with practice. I've deliverately held back from heavily promoting my wares, as with this blog endeavouring to offer 'interesting' material rather than pushing down ppls necks the endless 'promotion of product'.

An aside .... to get fancy we could construct a graph or that wonder of old fashioned engineering ... a nomogram. Theres more to this than many people realise and is well worth reading about, but as stated before I set to 1-1/4 and forget about any other setting ....

Note at 20 deg you will need a 2-3/8" length of chisel to clamp along, therefore woodwind players with small irons for their reed-making apparatus to maintain will probably need the original smaller rollers. For woodworkers the no.2 with larger wheels means these projection settings are much less critical or finicky to achieve and more repeatable for exact replacement into the guide. In other words its fast and slick in use.

As with the general concept of my guides the flat datum surface (ie the surface that doesn't have the bevel) is the correct datum and lies in direct contact with the stainless rods, the polycarbs grip very well indeed with only finger pressure required on the hex nut.

copyright richard kell 2013. All rights reserved content and product.


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