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He 'gets it' ....


richard kell

The above is my new large roller no.2 guide, below I discuss my no.3 ......

                           Its always nice to see and read of someone that 'gets the idea' of what i am about, heres a good
                           example of a man that indeed does 'get it' ... he approaches my no.3 honing guide with an open mind
                           and its a pleasure to see his natural aptitude shine at appreciating the product he handles.


                          May I quote .... "The finished product very clearly looks hand made...but not in a bad way. What I mean
                          is that no company would mass produce anything of this caliber, with the attention to detail that is paid.
                          This honing guide has a feeling of quality that I haven't felt from any other "new" tool that I have handled".

However sometimes ppl don't get it..... a quick email or chat with me will always shed light on where the customer is perhaps unsure, its upsetting to see ppl toil in darkness ....... and of course with my no.3 there is no such thing as 'all those wedges', two quick bits of hardwood will do all you need. Note also i now have a deep throat version of my no.3 that will cope with deep section mortice chisels, retro-fit kit available, see my website.

Heres another convert .....

I'll soon post a shorter intro and youtube to my new improved large wheel no.2 - an absolute winner, fast, accurate, incredibly repeatable and hence the minimum of time and metal is needed to restore a dull edge. I enjoy using it so much I'm searching around resharpening chisels i haven't used in decades.

Meanwhile heres the original vid of my richard kell no.2 LGE honing guide .....

hint ... Note how i talk about positive and negative rake in cutting tools.
           The use of the felt pen marker to demonstrate the repeatability when re-loading into my honing guide to resharpen.
           The advantage of larger rollers for increased bearing life (ie less revolutions).
           The utter delight to get into the super sharp corners of your sharpening medium.
           Restoring a chisel cutting edge is all about 'raising a burr' .....

my sales website  .......

,,,,,, and theres something about a guide produced edge that seems so much sharper, probably because of zero 'rock', the extreme edge is so much more acute and my guide gets you 'spot-on' when reloading for minimum time and metal removal. Its actually a very pleasant experience as illustrated by the 'felt tip pen trick' to get right back onto the finishing bevel, two strokes and another burr raised to get sharp again.

richard kell

richard kell

The label says to 2-5/8 but in fact it works perfectly well to 2-3/4 inch capacity.

Above is a parcel under construction a few minutes ago for Matthew at Workshop Heaven near Banbury, a box full of no.2 LGE. Matthew has championed my no.3 honing guide and realises its merits, for my no.3 guide in America try Japan Woodworker and Hartville Tool. In Europe Dieter Schmid is the man, he is a skilled tradesman, a knowledgable user of tools.

As shown on my sales website reto-fit LGE rollers are available, will fit my no.1 or no.2 guides, all parts are made to interchangeable limits.

I've some newly purchased re-cycled boxes that take thirty two no.2 LGE per layer and so any multiple of thirty two off is very convenient for me. A few years ago a customer in the States asked "If I had a degree in packaging" .... and Dieter of 'Fine Tools' in Germany tells me my parcels "are the best" ... praise indeed and much appreciated, i often get good feedback such as this, the reason for good parcels is I am worried the contents are damaged so therefore I go 'OTT' on packing ie internal layout, compartments, crush zones etc. I've been doing this for thirty years so its second nature so to speak.

The bottom of the carton is strengthened with a sheet of heavy duty board cut to fit and each layer is separated by internal 'floors' and tissue is used to keep all product packaging clean and un-soiled; I always install crush zones so that most instances of mis-handling do not matter. I'm wrapping the no.2 LGE in a roll of corrugated and this solution is excellent, travels very well indeed, the leaflet is wrapped with the honing guide and the gummed paper strip has been on the shelves here for thirty years ..... at last i have a good use for it !

Below is the new version leaflet to go with my large roller honing guides, this yellow version supersedes the previous white
one .......

honing guide instruction leaflet for richard kell no.2 LGE

E & OE

observe correct safety procedures at all times, you MUST wear eye protection if ever changing circlips, remove bystanders, circlips can 'fly' and cause injury if handled incorrectly ....

copyright richard kell 2013 all rights reserved.

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