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Richard Kell no.2 LGE honing guide (ie large roller)

... not everyone has spent so many years making things, tool manipulation comes easy to me; but for people coming to this as a hobby and picking up my richard kell no.2 honing guide heres a few hints as to how I go about handling the device.

I have to admit I am (was) a 'dyed in the wool'  freehand sharpening man, I sharpen many odd formed hand tools mostly all made by me, form tools for the lathe and profiled milling cutters but this large wheeled honing guide of mine ie richard kell no.2 LGE is an absolute winner for any chisel or plane iron and without question is the tool to reach for, both for sharpness of edge and for quick results.

Due to its repeatability there is no wondering "have I raised the burr yet" .... telling us we have created a fresh edge; in addition my 3mm riser concept ie two slips of polycarb under the back wheels provides a five degree lift for final hone / bevel very quickly indeed, no need to touch the clamping at all, but this is not essential, can be dispensed with if you wish. Because of all this toolmaker repeatability ie close tolerance manufacture and by nature of its design, merely two strokes on the finishing stone will often get you back into action for most small chisels.

Above is ready to measure / set projection of tool to achieve the desired angle, I just use 1-1/4 inch for most things, the jig can slide up or down the chisel as you wish before tightening.

Above the no.2 LGE is in use on my roughing stone, is balanced and sharpens perfectly on the push stroke, for the last couple of strokes I centre both wheels on the middle of the stone to get the best chance of both repeatability and a square end, minimising the time for the finishing stone. Its all about 'feel' and thinking with your hands  ......

You would be perfectly okay to remove the hind-end on the bench grinder and jig mount merely for final hone (my preferred method).

Another advantage of my honing guides used in the above set-up is that I can utilise every part of the stone, not just a central trackway.

Its important the chisel itself beds onto the two stainless rods, these are the datum, picking up from the chisel face that matters. Polycarb washers either side of the chisel provide excellent grip (ie 'stick-tion') even when only hand tightened and once inserted and set I give the hex nut the slightest of tweaks with a spanner to help secure all firm.

Also above I am using my felt tip pen trick to verify repeatability.

Note that I have 3mm strips of polycarb available so that for the final five degree finishing bevel we merely run on the 3mm elevated track, again two strokes will do all we want, saving time and precious chisel steel.

short youtube to follow....  in meantime see my youtube channel ....

heres my website with paypal facility to order one ....

Full instructions enclosed with the honing guide, please operate sensible and correct working procedures at all time, no liability accepted for any loss or injury E&OE.

Be warned, chisels are very quickly and repeatedly made super-sharp on these honing guides of mine; here below is my associated bevel gauge, note that it carries my name and beware of cheap clones !!

See my website with paypal for details and how to order.

E&OE copyright richard kell 2014
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