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Two good books.... - richardkell
Two good books....

I subscribed to the Crafts Council  'Crafts'  magazine for eight years but finished it in 1988 when along with other subscriptions I ceased the handful of mags that arrived here each month, it was becoming too intense; I needed space, quiet and of course never having anyone to be able to talk with about these things didn't help. Undoubtedly it was a valuable education and as with most subjects that are worthwhile, at first way above my head and then once able to understand it better becoming extremely important to me. The Crafts Council did a lot to 'up our game' and certainly they need to be applauded for that.

I'm fascinated by what others can do, the Bernard Leach 'A Potters Book' is an easier read than Cardew above; Cardew is deeper and it takes me far longer to digest. Bernard Leach and the publishers Faber did a very good job at producing a more accessable guide.

Its also a rummage back in time, the whole world of what can be termed British Studio Pottery from the First War into the seventies.  The names of the important players in mid twentieth century British potters ring like magic, Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Michael Cardew, Michael Casson ... perhaps I need to unbox and re-read those 'Crafts' mags but I do know they are indelibly fixed in my minds eye.

Joanna Constandinidis I think twice asked me to contribute to her gallery display space, I remember the phone call exactly in our previous house and I forever regret not accepting her offer, this would have been circa 1988 and I had sort of burnt out with sale or return gallery work. However Joanna I think would have been a useful ally, mentor, friend.  At least i should have gone to visit, she seemed already to hold me in high regard. Yet with hindsight I was stuck here with a wife that said nothing, reacted nothing, was inert to my work no matter what. It was hard to realise the next level that I had achieved (actively worked towards)  and should have allowed new doors to open, to embrace. In my defence I must say occasional requests filtered though of people wishing to display my work and it is mighty hard to arrive at those most suited, that are sincere and honest in their approach. To filter out the value from the noise.

I've got two copies of Bernard Leach 'A Potters Book' as well as a few other suchlike books, I will read that along with Michael Cardews 'Pioneer Pottery' in the next few weeks. Both are books I've had here on the shelves for more than twenty years and to my shame I know the Leach book well but have never read the Cardew, the lucky find at our local library sale. Silly them for getting rid of it, the same can be said of several books here on the shelves. Cardew draws in geology starting with the broadest picture the broadest view, heat processes, transformation of glazes, form and early Chinese work are all things that already exist in my mind in fragments, exactly what I think of already, so how can it be but interesting !

tootling around we find such gems  ...


ie for the above  .... http://youtu.be/mKqoCcg0jek

theres lots more on youtube tags  ....

but what baffled me was the lack of the full length Hamada tv documentary of forty or more years ago, I can well remember watching it and other peoples reaction the next day, all i can find is a brief clip ....

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