richardkell (richardkell) wrote,

I am Richard Kell .....

And I make things...

... of my own invention with my own hands. And its all got my name on it.

I sell lots into the USA and generally worldwide, my website can be viewed by anyone on the planet and I can supply likewise.

You will find in the links at some good stockists. Likewise they can supply genuine Richard Kell.

This page is in response to what seems to be misinformation I found on Amazon, entries and listings blocked specifically to one country ie England where I live.

The general purpose of this blog is to add background workshop information in addition to that you will find on my paypal sales website ie   I am well known for my clever and very well made honing guides (fast and accurate) and my Richard Kell bevel gauge etc. They are simple and effective to use. It takes a lifetime to pare things down to the essentials.

I am the inventor and manufacturer of all the products here at Richard Kell.

I am an enthusiast for old time craft manufacture, I enjoy using my hands at this close tolerance work, have done for many years; I work alone and prefer it, no distractions and I can push quality to the limit. I like to feel how the tools are cutting and to hear that 'sweetness of sound' all is going well. The skill is in my hands. I am passionate about quality and making an effort to hit the top level. But note never 'needless quality' but a result appropriate, I work to close tolerances where appropriate and strangely tighten tolerances further as I become familiar and expert at whatever task. Hand turning is a significant feature of what I do here, long since discarded by any manufacturer a hundred years ago.

Everything here is made by me, my no.2 LGE honing guide and my Richard Kell bevel gauge are very well known and highly regarded, made in my own workshop and by methods long discarded by modern methods. Beware of a despicable inferior copy of my bevel gauge and also of my centre finder, all I think now long disappeared; which in fact these hackneyed rip-offs never last the course, handle as poor items and as can be guessed are what prompted me to write this first post for my blog here.  I am known for the quality and detail of my work ie hand deburring and utterly consistent and flawless surface finish on every item; I actually suffer physical pain if it is not tip-top!

Buy my products and I give you the benefit of a lifetime in the workshop from being a young boy, I am a stickler for measuring critical features of every component as I make them, they are even plotted on charts; for instance the selecting 'matched in pairs' of one third of a thou inch (0.0003in) honing guide bobbin diameters has a reason for such precision, it is so that all marries up and functions as I wish it for when the two parts are matched together and clamped up into the jig on my Bridgeport milling machine to drill the pairs of holes for the stainless guide rods, therefore there is a reason to the accuracy. My Ward 1A manual capstan lathe of Second War vintage I've fitted with large dial test indicators graduated at a thou per division are a real advantage to controlling size / tolerance, both X and Y axis.

I was so lucky my Dad had boxes of 'Model Engineer' and 'Practical Wireless' and 'Woodworker' for me to read over and over again, a home workshop lots of hand tools and abench plus a Myford ML7 screwcutting lathe, this gave me an immense 'head start' on what a usual schoolboy would know and realise. With hindsight ... I was better off than I realised. My dad Robbie Kell named after the great bard himself also bought me a set of Caxton encyclopedias (I still have them here fifty years later and they are still most useful) ...  when I was say ten years old, but he could only afford half the set, therefore its fair to say I know everything to 'G' !

Serious in my activities yet I am not a 'miserable git' ...  I enjoy my work and as my afternoon helper will testify I am worthwhile, wide ranging conversation and fun to be with; open and always keen to help, to enthuse and educate my assistant.

My honing guides (and I recommend my Richard Kell no.2 LGE) are regarded the best in the world; the quickest to use, ultra reliable and 'spot-on' repeatable, they satisfy my own impatience. Theres a full no quibble money back on anything you purchase.

Please read all you wish of this blog,'drill down' as the modern term goes (theres lots to uncover) .....

copyright richard kell 2019,
E&OE no liability accepted.

You must always comply with safe procedure, remove bystanders when changing circlips, wear eye protection etc. Think !
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