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bbc misinformation ..... - richardkell
bbc misinformation .....
Bias at bbc r4 is seemingly endless, I'm thinking of their presentation of Trump to a UK audience.

Also George Sturt of century old classic 'The Wheelwrights Shop' gets a mention today and they make multiple errors !!

I'm increasingly 'cheesed off' at inaccuracy and plain downright nonsense. This is why I cancelled the Saturday FT and Grauniad eighteen years ago as the sections I bought it for ie gardening, design, etc held errors. If its a subject that interests me I can listen to a half hour programme and often can recall lots of it but if there are factual errors then I am made to look stupid if I were to recall this information at a later date.

Likewise this morning two minutes ago ie 10:55 am Thursday 21st June 2018 bbc r3 (posts here at my blog are dated to stagger in an appropriate sequence so as not to bury what it is that I want to be the first couple of pages/ posts).... more nonsense and misinformation was broadcast.

We have a wood pundit and craftsman in interview produce a string of errors regarding  'James' (George actually) Sturt, 'The Wheelwrights Shop' being an absolute classic, a valuable work and part of the reading list I was given at age fourteen from Dennis Thorold in Suffolk. The endless reference to the making of 'carts' when in actual fact it would be WAGONS that was the primary interest and occupier of time in the Sturt workshop and the far harder thing to make. I read the book in my early teens, much of it stayed with me as often does when the subject fascinates. A wagon is a four wheeled vehicle and the cart a more trifling humbler two wheeled contrivance. I couldn't listen, I'm practically being quoted but also being revulsed .... they got it wrong!

I hope bbc r3 gets it right when it comes to the music bits....

I get annoyed at being fed inaccuracies. But these last few days I've heard several.

Lets get on my soapbox, likewise (I don't watch tv or even have one) but David Attenborough seems never from what i can gather (from recently purchased charity shop books) to go down to microscopic level and reveal the beauty and importance of diatoms, a particular hobby horse of mine from years ago; being an eight year hobby fascination with microscopic freshwater algae. I admit my sampling of what David Attenborough has written is patchy. Theres pages I could write, but at the moment its an incredible irony that it is the oil from ancient diatoms (each diatom say two thou inch long) deep down within the earth that has caused both their own demise (particularly so far in the Pacific) and with burning this oil that leads to our present predicament of Arctic ice loss, change in weather patterns and the eventual release of methane in geological, microbial and thawing frozen hydrate. Since November last i suddenly 'turned on' to the realisation that climate change is the biggie! Though microscopic and individually totally invisible to the naked eye they turn out to be vastly important. For instance, the worlds best paid diatomists all work for oil companies. Next time you see a 'brown oil' or rich brown shading to the bottom of a shallow puddle or water filled footprint then thise are diatoms, probably 'Tabellaria' or 'Navicula'.

The diatom scare is a real problem, Pacific algae and plankton (two distinct levels of the food chain the former one could say actually the more important, without it nothing follows on) .... dieback is horrific and grossly under-reported, the science community time lag is baffling, as is their reluctance to speak out in the first place. Another prime example is the Pacific seabird die-off two years ago, again next to no follow up, as one blog puts it  ..... 'the silence is deafening'. Vast quatities of seabirds flew onto shore that would always stay at sea, their stomachs empty.

Likewise earlier in the week i think it was a bbc r4 review of the previous weeks progs and we get some twit utterly and hopelessly mispronouncing 'zaijian' ie 'see you again' in Mandarin. Its the first word you ever learn along with 'me' and 'you' ie wo3 and ni3. They are supposed to have a Pronounciation Unit at Broadcasting House but theres no actual indication for this at any time when they encounter a word from China, they cannot even get the pronounciation for the Chinese Premier, utterly hopelessly lost. They need only ask a passing child of say Han descent or basically anywhere in Asia or walk into a Cantonese take-away and they'll get all the tuition they need free of charge. Likewise in general books and articles on China, 99.9% of the time there is never any indication (tone 1,2,3,4, and nuetrel ie 5) for any word or name in Mandarin. This even is a problem from specialist publishers ie poetry. I have one book here 'Poems of the Masters' that cost me good money and is near worthless because of among other drawbacks the Editor omits any form of tone indication whatsoever. Mandarin is a tonal language. Try typing in a few simple words and phrases into google translate to hear what I mean.

Likewise bbc r4 errors, Laurie Taylor on Wed afternoons in his always excruciating overloud musical bits tells us 2 million died because of the Cultural Revolution, ehm thats a figure that is way too apologetic to Mao. He never mentioned the previous 'Great Leap Forward' when thirty times this number died. Prof Taylor often comes up with errors, my having a retentive memory for things that matter to me I cringe at being fed nonsense. Thers a lot can be discussed re what we are being fed, the spin and bias of news reporting and these last eighteen months where moral decency and truth has been flushed down the pan. That same programme dealt with China as its main subject and in fact was near unintelligable, word soup of the worst kind; oh dear George Orwell we need your wise words to guide us now !! So when discussing the current sad state of American politics, to get a real handle on events the bbc radio news is not worth the effort, online is much more realistic. Goodness knows how they'll window-dress trumps visit and impending protest. One contrary good point of bbc radio news is their 'World Tonight' just after ten, it is a better job altogether. Lets hope it remains.

sorry for typos, from top of the head in 20 mins and short of time today .....

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