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Regarding biosecurity.

To all friends, customers etc.,

I am lucky in that I can control biosecurity better than most in fighting this virus outbreak  (I've 'got a thing' about personal hygiene anyway)  I quite happily live alone and work alone; I have never encouraged visitors to the house or the workshop as usually I'm too much 'on the go' and any encounters nowadays in this time of cv-19 such as delivery men are kept to a 3m distance and the parcel remains in the hallway unopened for a couple of days. All richard kell components have always been machined and assembled using disposable vinyl gloves, being changed frequently and now I am using gloves for all packaging and despatch. My often changed disposable vinyl gloves will have been the only thing to have touched your richard kell product or honing guide or enclosed invoice. Incidentally its interesting to know that my paperweight here next to the desk to keep handwritten invoices from getting lost or scattered is an actual museum quality Neolithic stone axe, I found it in an exposed riverbed and 8k years from its manufacture I have nothing but utter respect for those that made it, perfectly fit for purpose and a beautiful object,  (blogpost for this is on tags at right ie tag prehistoric stone axe).

No pet dog here anymore, Smud my beagle as pictured above say 2010-12 passed away June 29 2019, but I'm not sad at this, at nearly fourteen he had developed cancer and I'm proud I knew when to say goodbye, he hardly suffered and was fit to the end, my vets were first class, likewise the medication he was prescribed. For my girlfriends house I insist no-one pets or 'clarts on' with her pet labrador during this viral outbreak.... ie hands off ! Note how people love to lean over the dog and shower it with the damp vapour from their possibly infected hands and breath, its the latter that governments have not sufficiently highlighted.... the dog does not need clarting on with.

I am working on the assumption that any encounters are with persons possibly or probably already a potential carrier and therefore insisting on a physical 3m distance and minimal / zero interaction, not 2m but 3m. I also carry food grade clear bags, handy for the Pharmacist to drop in my monthly bp pills and for instance to grip the basket at the supermarket even already using my fresh disposable gloves. I'm lucky I never use public transport, have no need to visit the Doctors, never go to high streets or cities and I know lots of people-free locations so as to enjoy some countryside and wide open spaces as per usual. It seems at this time I've never known fresh air to be so enjoyable, the sound of birdsong etc and the feel of the breeze, if only everyone was so lucky.

Please note, it is damp vapour / human breath with tiny droplets resulting from (at the moment) needless chatter that carries the virus as well as touched surfaces. If you need to speak then turn 90 deg and NOT face the person, again at 3m minimum. Only buy bagged food. No-one has ever seen any virus, even the most powerful light based microscope cannot find or reveal a virus and face masks at this level of smallness don't stop it whatsoever (microscopy used to be my hobby)  so imagine how easily it can remain suspended in the air. However the value of a low tech face mask would be to hinder infected breath from reaching further.

I think my arithmetic is correct in saying the cv-19 virus is 120 nano-metres in diameter (or the more easily handled in my mind of 5 millionths of an inch) therefore we could line up 200 fully functioning and independant virus particles side by side when we have opened the imperial micrometer one thousandths of an inch. ie to help visulise, a thousand millionths of an inch would fit into that one thou gap; a thousand thousand being one million; I need to visualise everything, its how my mind works.  And I also still think the move to metrication in UK factories in the early 1970's was a total act of stupidity, slavishly blind, the metric micrometer being infamously liable to being mis-read.

Please be vigilant, beware of fools not seemingly aware of the problem, I'm not a daily email person (no mobile either) but always can answer the landline most mornings and alway provide a no-quibble guarantee even if I get a little sluggish with paypal responses, your order is always safe and will be honoured.

I feel so sorry for those in healthcare, the scandal is now emerging (mid April)  how they seem to have been grossly forgotten as for PPE equipment, particularly hospices, homes for the elderly. In fact the whole thing has not been sufficiently thought out, pronouncements are no good, its what happens at the sharp end that matters; as even woodturners know, a full head face mask and forced air circulation is the answer.

Best Regards,
Richard Kell

ps ... pundits on the radio tell us homemade alcohol based sanitiser of 70/30 surgical spirit to glycerin is a handy homemade solution, in my opinion this is nonsense; if they had acually made it themselves they would know it is a problematic slippery gunge, far better use say 95% surgical spirit with (my preference) 5% Silkia 'Cracked heel' repair cream, with a few drops of essential oil, I use juniperberry. As my friend Helen says ..... brilliant!
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