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richardkell's Journal

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I am a self employed toolmaker with my own range of three high quality honing guides for woodworkers and a range of marking and measuring hand tools. I established the business in 1980, see www.richardkell.co.uk and I hope through these pages to add information to that on www.richardkell.co.uk

These pages are for expanded workshop musings and to explain my quality systems/control and hopefully introduce interesting information to the journals visitors. My first posts will include my luthiers planes, a new range of handmade luthiers plane of new design, beautifully made from solid brass. Got to be seen to be believed - good 'uns.
beethoven quartets, benchwork, bergeron, botany, chamber music, collecting books, craft technique, craft toolmaker, design, environmental awareness, freshwater biology, gaia, gardening, george sturt, hand tools, handwork, history of design, holtzapffel, landscape, learning and study, luthiers handtools, luthiers planes, manufacturing history, metalwork, natural history, old books, old tools, old trades, ornamental turning lathes, product design, razumovsky quartets, reading widely, strad magazine, stringed instruments, turning, wood technology, woodwork, woodworking technique, working wood